First pass run cycle animations

For the purpose of pre-vis pitches, first pass animations were needed to show off the feel of the enemies, and the pace of their movements.

I spent time in maya working out the timing for all three enemies, further pushing the differences between the enemies, small being fast, mid being average and the large being slowest.



Revised mid enemy design

After some silhouette experimentation, the mid enemy’s design was revised and remade, using parts of the Juggernaught and Skitterer to better tie in designs. A biped design was decided upon to differentiate it easily at distance and establish it as the standard enemy unit.

FPSTD_Enemy_Silhouettes_003 FPSTD_Enemy_Silhouettes_002

Finalized Silhouettes

Three enemy types to be featured in the FPSTD follow standard conventions of small/fast, big/slow, and a standard basic unit. This coupled with their individual role in the gameplay and narrative of the fictional world would go on to decide the final silhouette designs.

To ensure cohesion within the overall designs, each robotic enemy is for the most part made up of pieces or shapes similar to its counterparts. Below are the final silhouettes to be implemented into the models over the next week. For comparison, the player model stands slightly taller than the left enemy.


Enemy silhouette blockouts

The importance of the silhouette is paramount in most if not all forms of visual design, and so with this update, I address just that in my current group project, the FPSTD.

After feedback and a clearer direction brief for the enemy designs, i moved on to blocking out the overall shapes to the enemies, with a focus on cohesion and silhouette. In Autodesk Maya I blocked out a lineup of potential designs, here are a few from the revised direction.


FPSTD Enemy Concepts

A couple of weeks ago I started production on a new game, a hybrid of the FPS and TD genres. The team consisting of four friends, my role is to concept, model, rig and animate the three enemy types featured in the base build.
For the initial conception stage, i sketched out some varying designs for the three futuristic robotic in nature enemies. Through this the decision was reached to focus on simplistic geometry to adhere to the short deadline in 12 weeks time.
Here are a couple of the initial sketches of style and shape exploration.

Monetization of a pre existing title.

Its no secret that monetization has the ability to alienate players and ruin a game and it’s respective developer’s reputation.

I looked at what I consider to be a successful model for monetization. I came to the conclusion that a model in which the monetized aspects don’t affect gameplay and avoid giving any advantage to those who have made purchases are much more widely accepted. The most successful of these allow players to attain the items through non monetary means, ie League of Legends, where players may purchase cosmetic skins or characters using in game currency or real money.

As a challenge I made an attempt at integrating monetization into a pre existing title. For the purpose of the exercise, I have used Gran Turismo 5.
Based on the natural instinct for players to want to stand out, I came up with the idea of incorporating cosmetic modifications for vehicles, unlockable by payment or through gameplay.

Unlocking cosmetics for vehicles:
A payment system will be optional in the garage for each car, to unlock the cosmetics instantly for that vehicle.
Otherwise, cosmetics can be won through online races, by using the desired car.
Placing 1st will have a 100% chance at dropping an unlockable cosmetic for that car.
Placing 2nd will have a 75% chance
Placing 3rd will have a 50% chance

Completing the race regardless of placing and won items, will award progress on an unlockable cosmetic bar, which works as a fail safe to ensure players remain motivated and are still receiving rewards over time as a bonus for their effort.

Bilateral Gynandromorphism

Bilateral Gynandromorphism is an occurrence that has interested me for a long time, it describes a condition where on extremely rare occasions an animal embryo will develop with both sexes intact, while one sex will lay dormant, the physical build of the animal with be a mix of the two sexes. It displays itself in many forms, one being a near perfect split of the creature down the center, one side being female, and the other male.

This gave birth to and is the focus of my current game project, to demonstrate what it could be like, the potential repercussions of the condition on an animal. In the game, you will control a butterfly born split down the middle, highly unbalanced and a source of confusion for other butterflies in mating season. You must overcome your lop sided physicality and explore what it is like to be uniquely different, along with experiencing some of the implications it brings.