Blacktrade Devblog 001 – Mechanics

Before starting development it is important to have planning, and the designs fleshed out first, not only to remain on track, but to allow a stricter self discipline on myself.

I worked on fleshing out and documenting the mechanics, which allowed me to split the gameplay into two distinct phases.

Exploring phase: In this phase, the player will pilot their salvage ship, they will be able to send their diver down to search the sea bed, when they return the player may choose to salvage what was found if anything. Many varying factors such as equipment, conditions of the artifact and time constraints may affect whether the player is able to salvage at the current time, it will not be unusual to have to return to previously scouted dive sites.

Docked phase: Upon returning with their haul, the player will first identify what artifacts they have recovered, as the knowledge and equipment to do so may not have been on board. Artifacts will be given a value by the black market, and the option to sell will be available. Using their newly earned credits, players may now spend their spoils away, giving the first tangible effect of player choice. The ship has limited space, and so choices must be made, what equipment does my ship need? What crew members could I really use under my employ.


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