UE4 the animation murderer

There were many headaches and halts in progress on the unwrapping process this week with animation’s for the skitterer and pawn playing off kilter. Through inspection, I determined that it was the pivot points being offset from their positions as set in Maya. In itself, that doesn’t sound like too hard a problem to fix, however the truth had me stumped for a solution. At first it was a matter of trying the obvious, ensuring that transforms were frozen prior to exporting in Maya… nope.
Next was ensuring that all history was deleted before export…. nope Then I checked all frames were baked into the animation… they were all baked but still nope.
I tried even re-importing the model into maya to check it was exporting properly, all animations were playing correctly on the import.

At this stage, I was befuddled. It was time to bring in professional assistance. After many ideas were exhausted between the two of us, we found the problem!

In UE4, when importing a model with animations, you must ensure to check one hidden away checkbox, named ‘preserve local transforms’.

Suddenly, a week of woes disappeared, and now i may unwrap again in peace.


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