Monetization of a pre existing title.

Its no secret that monetization has the ability to alienate players and ruin a game and it’s respective developer’s reputation.

I looked at what I consider to be a successful model for monetization. I came to the conclusion that a model in which the monetized aspects don’t affect gameplay and avoid giving any advantage to those who have made purchases are much more widely accepted. The most successful of these allow players to attain the items through non monetary means, ie League of Legends, where players may purchase cosmetic skins or characters using in game currency or real money.

As a challenge I made an attempt at integrating monetization into a pre existing title. For the purpose of the exercise, I have used Gran Turismo 5.
Based on the natural instinct for players to want to stand out, I came up with the idea of incorporating cosmetic modifications for vehicles, unlockable by payment or through gameplay.

Unlocking cosmetics for vehicles:
A payment system will be optional in the garage for each car, to unlock the cosmetics instantly for that vehicle.
Otherwise, cosmetics can be won through online races, by using the desired car.
Placing 1st will have a 100% chance at dropping an unlockable cosmetic for that car.
Placing 2nd will have a 75% chance
Placing 3rd will have a 50% chance

Completing the race regardless of placing and won items, will award progress on an unlockable cosmetic bar, which works as a fail safe to ensure players remain motivated and are still receiving rewards over time as a bonus for their effort.


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