Bilateral Gynandromorphism

Bilateral Gynandromorphism is an occurrence that has interested me for a long time, it describes a condition where on extremely rare occasions an animal embryo will develop with both sexes intact, while one sex will lay dormant, the physical build of the animal with be a mix of the two sexes. It displays itself in many forms, one being a near perfect split of the creature down the center, one side being female, and the other male.

This gave birth to and is the focus of my current game project, to demonstrate what it could be like, the potential repercussions of the condition on an animal. In the game, you will control a butterfly born split down the middle, highly unbalanced and a source of confusion for other butterflies in mating season. You must overcome your lop sided physicality and explore what it is like to be uniquely different, along with experiencing some of the implications it brings.



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