A heartbeat apart.

I had started a four week project a couple of weeks ago, the guidelines of which had asked for an emotionally aware game, this was fairly free in its creativity, but as any creative knows, that causes problems in itself. For a long time i’d had a fantasy romance story in mind, and this felt the right time to break it out.

The game itself was to be an emotional exploration of dependency within a relationship, caring for parts of something that you may not see. balancing your own survival against someone that is wholly dependent on you.
I concepted out how i imagined the game to look, a 2D point and click exploration scavenger with visuals alike a cross of Machinarium/Limbo/Kentucky Route Zero. It was to have a three act structure with gameplay heavily revolving around it.

That was when I had to reassess. It was one week in, I had spent hours upon hours in Unity, building the base for how the game would run, setting up the placeholder sprite art i had created in Photoshop, when I came to a realization. The game simply didn’t work as a vertical slice. The ‘fun’ in it would be entirely missed and the connection on which the game was based around couldn’t be established in a snippet of gameplay. Grieved that I would have to postpone making a story I had alot of love for, I set out to come up with a bunch of more suitable ideas.



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