Initially the mage duels project had been designed for 2 player use, with an emphasis on evasion and trickery through a mage’s arsenal of spells. The game has instead been appropriated for an AI enemy, due to a 4 week project timeline, which was coming to a close. I spent quite some time coding an AI that could path around the level intelligently and utilize the spell casting system I had created. The AI now attempts to target the player to cast, and is competitively balanced but differed to the player. The final touches were now focused on player feedback, coming in the form of a user interface, created in Photoshop, and some basic GUI buttons and prompts to instruct the player. I felt the player might need some further instruction before playing the game, so an optional tutorial level now accompanies the game.
After writing up a game user guide, and a postmortem to accompany, the game was exported to an .exe and submitted.


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