Being an avid lover of anything fantasy based, its only natural that it is a large part of my own projects. Drawing inspiration from the fields you love can always be a positive thing, it allows you to see what is missing, and sprouts dreams of your own to what could be amazing. One of the biggest inspirations for me in games development and my overall life outlook is anime. I felt that the innovation behind mage/casters in games has declined, and so for my next project I sought to see how hard it could be. Taking visual inspiration from one of my favourite anime of all time SAO, I designed a mage system where the player had to learn the pieces/words to a spell, and what each piece did, on the fly as they stringed them together to cast. The outcome would be different dependent on the makeup of the spell. I started to nut out just how to go about creating this system, figuring the spell words would have to rotate around the player I jumped into Autodesk Maya to create and animate what would be the placeholder for the spells. Each plane had to be a separate object to enable individual colliders for each word, to register the player’s input through raycasts or OnMouseDown. The normals also had to be inverted to ensure the player could see the one way facing planes in Unity.


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