The second AI lives! or maybe not, given it is a reaper type enemy. In true reaper style I designed and scripted the reapers to fade in from nothingness, swing that meaty scythe and fade back out again before repeating again in another location. The main purpose of creating an enemy with this functionality was to give the player that risk vs reward scenario, while they are dealing with the ghosts, if they can take out the reapers too, it will save them alot of hassle later on when they start building up and limiting the safe screen space. 
After finishing the second AI, it was time to get some UI feedback in place. The health bar is vertical and the contents of the vial depletes as it is reduced. This was oddly enough harder to code correctly than a horizontal health bar. I output a wave counter to show and gauge the player’s progress and a counter representing the remaining enemies. 


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