With the core gameplay complete, it comes time for polish. First and foremost, menus! 
After some time in Photoshop and Unity to implement its functionality, I added some nice particle effects as fog for immersion and to tie the game in nicely. finally for player awareness I added mouse over feedback to the buttons, to show what the player would be clicking if he/she did so.

Finally the in game menu was added, for when the player does die, and it was time to build and submit!


2 thoughts on “

    1. As this is just a student project, I don’t exactly have a release of this game. I will be revisiting this project later on to refine it a little more, at which time I will release a download for anyone that would like to try it out.
      Thankyou very much for your interest though :)
      Glad to hear you like the menu.

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