With the first AI down and running smoothly I set out to redesign the confines of the game, while before I had imagined an adventure exploration style gameplay, now I had cut it back to be a defense wave spawner, in which you must vanquish fallen comrade’s corrupted spirits from a graveyard as a high knight. 
The environmental assets were downloaded and implemented from the Unity asset store, and were not created by myself.
The wave spawner required a little work to get working correctly, and alot of tweaking to get it to a point of competitive gameplay. At first it spawned enemies infinitely, and later spawned them too fast for the player to handle. In the screenshot you stands the black helmed knight as he is approached by three of the AI ghosts, with tweaked materials to make them feel ethereal.
From here, the second AI must be scripted and implemented, along with any and all UI elements.


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